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Big drop in temperature, more compost ordered and the online queue for plastic plant pots

Today I  got up earlyish and got dressed as normal: shorts and t shirt. However a fleece was required to venture outside and I even had to steel myself before heading to the greenhouse where it was 11 degrees Centigrade inside compared with 35 yesterday. Looking at the tomato plants I think one or two have even suffered due to that excess heat.

I need to move some of the tomato plants into bigger pots for onward growth. I prepared the pots yesterday by filling them with Mr Muck’s horse manure compost and put them in place on trays on the floor. Also got the solar powered irrigation system working after a winter of disuse and storage inside the greenhouse. Took a while to get the pump moving properly again. I think next winter I will move the system into the shed where it won’t get so cold.

We are down to the last two bags of compost but will need more than that so later I’ll be ordering another delivery. Mr Muck’s min order for delivery is 15 bags but we will use it all even if some gets held over until next year. I suspect we are not going to have enough big pots so might well order some of those as well. Update – everywhere sold out online and more than an hour’s wait on B&Q’s website for click and collect! May have to make do with what we have.

Managed to call Mr Muck in the end. His website was reporting “504 not available”. He now charges £100 or so for ten bags delivered or £139 for 20 so ordered the latter. It’s seriously good stuff. Says delivery costs have gone up but I suspect there’s also an element of supply and demand. No cheap plastic 30cm plant pots available on Amazon. I’m down to 45 minutes of waiting left on but if they don’t have any at the right price I have a plan B which is buckets. Plenty of buckets available online! Wait gone back up to 50mins! People are obviously dawdling on the website.