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More plant pots

Sue Agius tipped me the wink yesterday that Tesco on Canwick Road had 35cm planters for £2 each. What’s more there was no queue and hardly anyone in the shop. Armed with a supplementary list of food requirements I hot footed down in the car (so to speak) and bought 20 of them and managed to get everything on the list including a couple of extras: tomato puree, which has been like rocking horse $%&” and chocolate flavoured Angel Delight. The latter is a serious indulgence only to be consumed in times of emergency. It’s perhaps 25 years since I last had some but it was a staple when I was a kid. 

I also bought a couple of reduced price avocados for 18 pence each to make guacamole. The ones we had at home, bought over the weekend from Fresh From The Fields in The Bailgate are still far from being usable. Tesco’s reduced avocados were at the perfect ripeness.

Overnight I wrapped a fleece around the plum tree. Someone on Facebook had observed that temperatures would drop to zero in the wee small hours. This morning I unwrapped it again and it looks as though we will be fine over the next few days with  or 5 degrees being the min temp.

Started repotting the jalapenos. I have some to give away and Trouty has already bagsed some –  I can let him have toms, chillies and peppers. Also have some for Shannon who is about to have a baby and therefore not had time to prep her veg garden. Finished off by potting more peppers and put 12 toms in big pots. 

I have plenty of plants left to stick in pots near the kitchen. Just waiting on the horse manure delivery on Thursday. Overall not a bad day’s work although in reality it all only took 20 minutes or so. I am fortunate in that I work from home and can just pop into the greenhouse every now and again and do bits.

plant pots