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Dawn chorus 5am

This morning the dawn chorus was at 5am. I know this because I must have been just dozing and was woken by the birds in our front garden. The milkman then arrived at 5.04am and a doze or two later I awoke to the sounds of traffic on the road outside at 5.40am. I then dropped in and out of sleep until 6.30ish which is our normal time for one of us to get up and make the tea. As I thought  I’d done it yesterday I just lay there waiting for it to appear. At 7.10 I was informed that it was actually my turn so I duly went downstairs and obliged.

My habit after breakfast is to nip out and film the progress in the raised beds and the greenhouse plus I am watching the plum tree. The plum was a Christmas present for Anne from son Tom a few years ago. Last year it yielded one plum which dropped off before attaining its majority. This year is looking more promising. The vids go out most days piecemeal on Facebook. I should discipline myself to wait until the end of the day and do one properly edited video. I might do that when I get my Macbook Pro back from the menders.

Mr Muck just called me re the compost delivery I was expecting tomorrow. He couldn’t find my address as I paid for the shipment with a card with the name Huw Davies on it and he couldn’t find an address for Huw. He has me down as Trefor Davies for the delivery. My name is Huw Trefor Davies. We got there in the end and the delivery is now coming on Friday. The beer, which is just as important/probably more important, comes today. I will start consuming it tomorrow.

At this time of enforced isolation I’m trying to avoid opening beers at least for the early part of the week. I don’t mind doing so at the weekend which, to all intents and purposes, starts on Thursday. Lockdowns need to be made bearable innit 🙂 Thursdays are now typically a virtual night out with some pals who randomly say they are available via Facebook. 

I have 48 cans of Beavertown Neck Oil coming. This might seem excessive but it must be remembered that our 4 adult kids are holed up with us at this time of crisis and at least two of them assist with the drinking of it. I don’t want to guess how long the 48 will last but hopefully for a decent while and we have to remember they are only smallish cans.

Got the irrigation system set up and working – real result. Also now back on track with the online streaming vid and have automated the process of taking a daily screengrab. Thanks to Wayne for the help there. Didn’t get around to putting the real time temperature readings online yet but will get there.

The raised beds continue to thrive though with evidence of avian disturbance in the soil. Hasn’t really affected the plants yet. Lettuce is going to need thinning out sooner rather than later and the plants under the jam jars are definitely coming along ahead of those outside. The garlic seems to be growing at 1cm a day. At least my star performer is.

Finally my Macbook Pro arrived back a day ahead of schedule and the beer tuned up at around 5.30pm yay. I’m being a good boy today though 🙂