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Happy bird day

This morning the birds are extremely happy. It is a warm sunny day in spring. What’s not to like? The world is at its best. This enforced time at home has come at the best time of year for me. We are fortunate enough to have a nice garden and my daytime vigil in the shed with the doors open is a comfortable one. The shed is my control centre from which I manage the Davies empire.

At 11am the temperature inside the greenhouse is 21.88℃ and outside it is 15.88℃. Beautiful.

Just dropped off half my spare jalapenos, peppers and tomatoes on Trouty’s doorstep. Shannon is sending her manservant Michael to pick theirs up at the end of the week, which is tomorrow or the weekend I guess. The main external potting out of the rest of my stuff will happen at the weekend now. 

The lawn needs a cut. Had Green Thumb around last week for the “spring treatment”. This included weedkiller and feed, in separate doses and put down some grass seed in the odd bare patch. Chatted for a while at a distance with the gardener. It is a good company and I don’t begrudge the money we pay them.

Today I am also moving surplus “stuff” to the potting shed. This includes small pots no longer required for this season, leftover irrigation tubing that may or may not be used later. I tend to irrigate the plants on the trays on the floor using the automated system and to the rest, on the shelf, by hand. I also like to stand at the door and water the whole lot using the hosepipe so the fewer bits left in the greenhouse that are not directly involved in the growing process the better.

Our cooking apple tree is preparing to blossom. The eaters are a little further behind and the plum blossom already came and went. The raised bed sits in between one of the eating apple trees and the cooker. This is non optimal as the trees will eventually shade the raised bed but it was the only obvious place to put it. We don’t want to go using up any more lawn. 

When we first moved into this house, 23 years ago, the garden was ⅓ lawn, ⅓ vegetable plot and ⅓ flowers for cutting. This did not suit us. We needed a cricket and football pitch so the whole lot was laid to lawn. It is a biggish garden so we still have a smaller veg plot that is largely given over to raspberries and some strawbs and of course my raised bed. Not sure whether to call it a raised bed or beds. We only have the one but beds sounds more right than bed. It isn’t important.

Just counted 65 onions growing in various places – raised beds, flower beds and the patch next to the raised bed (which will need weeding shortly).

This afternoon Anne cut the grass. Looks much better now. Lawnmower always takes a bit of starting. The easiest thing to do is prime it and try and start it the first time, walk away for 5 mins and then try again. Usually a couple of tugs on the starter and it fires up.