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Mr Muck delivers the goods

Mr Muck delivered his compost this morning. All 20 bags of it. Expensive tomatoes these 🙂 I was on a conference call when my mobile rang, I rejected the call but then it rang again so I answered. It was the compost delivery driver. He’s already delivered to our house once but was still lost! 

I found it convenient to take a break from the call and went out to meet him, putting the kettle on as I went through the kitchen. When he turned up I just said hello, keeping a safe distance obvs and left him to it. There is now a pallet of 20 bags of compost near the side gate awaiting movement to the back.

In the meantime I had three plant pots taking up space in the greenhouse but without a plant. As the other tomatoes are already thriving in their new pots I figured it was time to finish the job in the greenhouse and replaced the empty pots with new tomato plant bearing ones. 

The irrigation system seems to be working very well albeit with a couple of leaky joints visible from the pools of water on the greenhouse floor. In fact although the pump is on its minimum setting there is water appearing the trays under the pots suggesting that the plants are getting more than enough. We have had some very sunny days without necessarily  the expected accompanying warmth.  

The irrigation system is self controlling. The more sun the more frequent the watering but if there isn’t the heat inside the greenhouse to evaporate the water then maybe this is causing the puddles to accumulate in the trays. This isn’t a problem and it may just be that the plants themselves just aren’t big enough yet to draw up all the water they are being given. The compost in the pots isn’t overly wet so I don’t think we need to worry.

In other news the first lot of apple blossom, on the cooker, is just about to explode on the scene. A lovely pink job. Also the star garlic plant is now almost at 21cm. I’m thinking of finding some old CDs or simlar to act as bird scarers on the raised beds. Not sure we have any but will root around in the cupboards this weekend.

BBQ tonight…

apple blossom emerging


red tulips

raised beds

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