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18th April and it’s the weekend

Sat in the orangery at the crack of sparrow fart listening to the birds and enjoying the early morning. It’s a conservatory really but I have a miniature orange tree in there so it  suits me to name the room after the fruit 🙂 It looks cold out there and there is a tinge of red in the sky beyond the allotments. Today’s weather forecast does not look interesting – 11℃ and cloudy. After the warm spell we’ve had it’s back to the usual UK spring weather. At least the period of sunshine has given the plants a good growth spurt.

One of my jobs today was to repot some tomato, peppers and jalapeno plants to go outside against the kitchen wall. However having watched Monty Don last night in Gardeners World his tomato plants in the small pots had a lot more root growth than mine so I’ve decided to leave them another week at least. I’ll shift the compost delivery from the front of the house to behind the greenhouse anyway.

It’s a Saturday. Working from home as I do I tend not to differentiate between weekends and weekdays. However during this period of enforced stay at home I seem to have tended to down tools at the weekend in order to make the days different.

I am often up at 5 or 5.30 ish in the spring and summer. It is light out and the body clock must naturally wake me up at that time. This morning I lay in bed thinking about this and had a picture in my mind of a caveman waking up with the dawn and sleeping when it got dark. Why didn’t he sleep inside the cave where it was dark? I dunno 🙂

In our house we take it in turns to get up to make the tea in the morning but during the light summer months I seem to do it more often as I am up anyway. I am happy to do this.

Later, it is raining. It raineth. Water is falling from the sky. This is good although it has put the kybosh on the compost shifting for the moment. I know, I know I hear you say. Worrawuss. Hey yes you are right. Any old excuse not to have to do work. Instead I popped down to Fosters on Monks Road to buy some stewing steak for tomorrow’s magnificent repast. Checking their Saturday opening times I note that they deliver. This is useful info. So we can get milk, veg and meat delivered as well as any other thing available by Deliveroo, which I’ve never used btw. It must be only a matter of time. Won’t have to water the beds today and of course half the greenhouse is automatically irrigated.