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Hi tech greenhouse

The birds really are in full voice this morning. It is 32℃ inside the greenhouse and a beautiful sunny day out there. No wonder they are being chatty. “Whose turn is it to go and get a worm?”

Inside the greenhouse all is well. I’ve opened the side vents and the door to let some of the heat out. I noticed after last week’s nice weather some of the seedlings had burnt tips to their leaves which I assume is heat related. Gave the seedlings on the shelf a drizzle. The tomatoes on the floor are taken care of.

One thing I learnt this morning was something I heard on the BBC Lincolnshire Sunday Morning Gardening Programme and that relates to when to put out your tomato plants. I had planned to do it today but apparently you have to wait until May. This lets me off the hook this weekend. Still need to move the compost around the back though. Same applies to the peppers and jalapenos I’d guess.

I noticed yesterday that there was a fair bit of irrigation water accumulating in the black plastic trays under the tomato plants. This hasn’t happened to the same extent in previous years so I checked the setting on the pump and indeed it was on #2 whereas in the past it’s always been on #1, the lowest setting (fwiw). I changed that.

I asked a question meself on the radio prog via their new Facebook page and that was all about our grapevine that never yields any grapes. It’s all in the pruning apaz. I noted the advice and will look at that when the growth comes to the relevant stage, ie after the first flowers have finished.

Interesting to see some interaction with this site and Facebook. People can’t talk to me through the camera but they can hear me, just about, so if someone asks a question on Facebook then I am able to answer by video. As far as I am concerned the audio stream is really all about being able to hear birdsong.

One thing I should particularly note is that we have for now finished the temperature sensor feeds from the garden to this site. Pretty impressive I’m sure you will agree. I have to thank Terry Mackown (Raspberry Pi), Tom Bird (Portfast)  and Wayne Mills-Kidals (Fuse2) for their help here. It’s handy that my day job is in the technology industry and I know people… Wayne has especially put in a lot of work and not only hosts this site but the server that is used to process the video stream and the grafana graphical outputs. What you see here is tech used by the internet industry applied to a greenhouse. Cool eh?

It is going to be interesting to see the temperature trends. You not only get far more granularity than sites such as the Met Office or BBC but it shows detailed historical temperatures. V useful I’m sure.

Hi tech greenhouse this 🙂

Little footnote – I was out watering the raised beds this evening. There is currently a plastic robin in them. It’s a solar powered light that I’m not sure has ever worked. Tonight I found a real robin standing in front of it. Couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough as I was hauling the hosepipe.

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