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Time based temperature variations

Not a greenhouse related thing but I did Tesco run this morning. Still no flour though. I’m trying to order a big bag online. Joe has shown some high talent on the break making front and given enough raw material we won’t go without. He has made a sourdough starter.

This morning it feels quite cold despite being sunny. Bit of a wind probs. It’s a Monday and everyone has their head down doing the work from home bit. The shed, which is a bit more than just a garden shed, serves as my office and I have been joined by two grown up kids for the duration of the lock-down. A strange feeling really when you have been used to having the space to yourself.

Not much to report on the greenhouse front. It does get very warm in the morning when the sun shines directly into it. This morning I opened the door to let some of the heat out. Then as the sun moved around the greenhouse cooled down and I closed the door again. Interesting to see the direct effect of these actions on the graphs. Obvious I know but still interesting.

The cold has slowed the emergence of the apple blossom which is looking as if it will be a somewhat fetching pink on the cooking apple and whitish on the eaters. We did have a pear tree but it’s leaves were blighted with brown spots every year. Couldn’t get rid of the spots and the tree yielded no pears. Even when it was fruiting the pears would never ripen. So I cut off it’s branches leaving only the trunk and it is now used to hold bird feeders.

Still not shifted the horse manure compost.