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Bird scaring made easy

Today’s news concerns the raised beds not the greenhouse. I’ve gone and implemented a patent bird scaring mechanism otherwise known as some CDs dangling from string stretched across between the parsnips and carrots. The pesky avian varmints keep digging around in the raised beds and the plant life takes the collateral damage hit. They aren’t eating the vegetation although there are one or two broken leaves on the onions which might suggest something has had a go at them.

I was somewhat amazed that we still had some CDs in the house. I don’t think I have anything that can play them. There is an external DVD drive somewhere in the house. I just use Spotify nowadays…

The raised beds are starting to see some weed growth action. Only small seedlings at the moment and because of this not the easiest to extract. I’ll wait a few days and give them a once over. The weather has been nice and bright albeit cold. 

Moved a pot of coriander around inside the greenhouse as it wasn’t showing up in the live stream. Might as well have a bit of variety on that stream. I was chatting to a pal of son Tom’s via video yesterday who was most complimentary about the video stream. He was particularly transfixed by the ticking away of the seconds on the time displayed in the top left hand corner of the video window.

It feels a little as if we are waiting right now. There is still the coronavirus lockdown so nobody is leaving the house other than exercise/walks and me going to source victuals. Also I’m waiting for May to arrive before planting more tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos in pots under the kitchen window. I’ve done most of what needs doing in the greenhouse. Irrigation set up, temperature monitoring, video stream etc (all critical to cultivation obvs). Now the plants need to grow 🙂 

No rush. The British summer is short enough as it is. We are all looking forward to the end of the lockdown though, for life to get back to normal.

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