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Moved some bags of horse manure compost innit

Not much to report today. Moved some bags of horse manure compost from the front to the back. A much overdue job. Don’t want to do all these jobs at one innit. Also weeded the raised beds and the small onion patch next to them. Just staying on top of things innit. This is not like me yanow.

May starts next weekend. I think the time will have come tomorrow to begin the process of moving the chillies, peppers and remaining tomatoes into bigger pots. Some of the chillies and peppers will stay inside the greenhouse and the rest go out against the wall below the kitchen window which is south facing ish. The toms can all go out. I have enough of them in the greenhouse already. 

One other thing. Walked to the Bailgate with Tom this lunchtime to procure certain supplies. Queued outside the back of the greengrocer waiting my turn to go in on my own. Only one person at a time allowed into the shop. When I got to the front, after maybe 15 or 20 minutes, the woman immediately behind me in the queue implored me to let her go in first as she only wanted 3 onions and this waiting was killing her. I of course complied – it is something that will be noted for pearly gate purposes 🙂

When I got  inside myself I filled a basket with lots of fresh fruit and vegetable goodness – bunches of carrots, first beetroot of the season, green beans etc. Tom and I walked home with a rucksack full of bread, bacon and fruit and veg. We will have to wait for our own beetroot particularly as I haven’t planted them yet 🙂

That’s all for today. The sun is over the yardarm and my new delivery of Beavertown Neck Oil beckons. All greenhouse and horse manure compost and no beer makes Tref a dull boy.

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