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Waffles and the French Cafe Lounge

A perfect Saturday morning in April. No sun as yet and we are indeed expecting rain over the next few days but right now everything is as it is supposed to be. We have birdsong. The birds sound content. Perched on the edge of their nests chatting to neighbours. I am content. Had a good fryup for breakfast and now sat in the shed contemplating life and the day ahead in splendid isolation.

I can hear life in next door’s garden. Have spoken to them through the beech hedge but not seen them. They are like us. A houseful keeping to themselves.

I set the sprinkler on the lawn last night. Very conscious that we haven’t had much rain. Only did ⅔ of it as we were sat around the kadai fire bowl near the house. There is plenty of fuel since I set to chopping all the woodpile we had at the bottom of the garden and stacking it tidily (ish) in the wood store. Anne now wants me to tidy out the shed in the corner. It is used as a dumping ground. This is a different shed to the one I’m sat in and is the one that has the temperature monitoring.  For the record it is just over 10℃ in the garden right now 14.7℃ in the greenhouse and 17℃ in the shed. The doors of the shed are wide open to the garden.

Today’s jobs involve shifting the last of the compost and filling some of the large pots in anticipation of the plants going outside in May.

In our kitchen there is a late breakfast ongoing as the gang staggers their arrival downstairs. Waffles I understand. A relaxing start to the day. There is no hurry for anything to happen. Just like being on holiday. It was always the case on family holidays that you couldn’t plan anything for mornings as by the time everyone was ready to head out it was nearly lunchtime.

I’m playing the French Cafe Lounge playlist on Spotify. Feels as if all that is missing is a cafe au lait. That is something I can sort 🙂

At 11.41 the sun has just poked its nose out which is good. The featured image is of something found on the kitchen windowsill this morning. We had a good time last night!

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