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Question to the BBC Lincolnshire Sunday Gardening Programme

“Sat in the greenhouse listening to the programme 🙂 Today appears to be our last dry day for a while. Is there anything we should be doing whilst we can in the garden and what can we be doing when the weather turns wet.”

Today, as you may have gathered, is notionally the last dry day for a while. It is a very relaxing Sunday morning and I am sat in the greenhouse. Breakfasted on Joe’s latest magnificent sourdough, toasted with poached egg, bacon and smoked salmon.

sunday breakfast

Anne just popped in to check up on her plants. There was a noticeable drop in temperature when she opened the door. Her Dahlias are looking a bit dry. They are in ceramic pots which evaporate water more quickly than plastic. The tomatoes in the water filled trays seem to be thriving. Remember I turned off the irrigation to these plants. I’m looking forward to the rain filling the water buts again – they are now half empty (half full)!?

Didn’t read my question out on the radio btw. No matter 🙂 The cathedral bells are chiming 10am. Clear as a bell so to speak. I don’t normally notice/hear them. Either everywhere is quiet around or the wind is in the right direction or both or something. We are only a short walk from the cathedral.

Bit of diy going on next door by the sound of it. Heard some sawing earlier and now it sounds like drilling or an electric screwdriver.

More as it happens…

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