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Reassuringly cold and damp

This morning we have woken up to what may be termed normal British spring weather. Cold and damp. Quite reassuring really. Obvs I like nice weather but everything has its place. Hopefully we will be assured a good fruit crop as a result of the nice spell we have just come through. Certainly the plums are doing well. Too early to tell with the apples. The apple trees are still very much in full blossom.

It’s going to be a quiet week in the greenhouse. Must say I’m feeling very relaxed sat here in the shed doing stuff. Ritin’.

The rain last night, although it felt quite a downpour at the time, has not made much of a difference to the water level in the butt. I imagine that will also be the case in respect of groundwater levels although I don’t feel I will need to water the raised beds today. We are facing a wet week of it so hopefully the only watering I’ll have to do are the bedding plants and pots on the staging in the greenhouse.

Glad I tidied out the shed yesterday. Mostly just rearranging stuff. The greenhouse timelapse is starting to come together. The plants have a lot of growing left to do but it is quite fascinating watching the daily progress. Sorry I’m not putting anything up yet but might well post an interim vid in a couple of weeks.

Dad called me. Aunty Mair died this morning. Dad’s only sister. She was 90 years old I think and had been in decline for a few years. It leaves dad as the only member left out of his generation of both he and mam’s families. It feels a little bit like we are coming to the end of an era. A little like looking at the world pre WW1 where society totally changed afterwards. Our connections with a part of our past gradually disappearing.

I only occasionally spoke with Aunty Mair. Typically at Christmas time and once in a very blue moon during the year. However she was always there as dad’s sister. When I was at university I used sometimes pop to London to see them and go to the local pub with cousins David and Gareth. I have early photos of a day out with her in london feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square,wearing gloves. I also recall going up the Post Office Tower with her. Must have been shortly after it opened.

Dad is self isolating in his flat in Cardiff. He has my sister Sue down the road able to do supply runs and generally make sure everything is ok. At this point in time we don’t know what the plan is for the funeral but under the current coronavirus lockdown it is sadly difficult to see how any of us will be able to go. My thoughts are with cousins David and Gareth and dad. I’ll give them a bell later.

We are living through a disruptive period of history that I’m sure will feature in future text books. Not quite the same as WW2 say which Anti Mair and dad lived through but something that stands out for us as out of the ordinary in our modern cotton wool wrapped version of the world. What did you do during the corona virus outbreak daddy? I grew fat.

plums emerging
emerging plums looking promising

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