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Another quiet day of self isolation

Another quiet day of self isolation. Heard the CEO of Tesco on the news and that prompted me to look on their app to see if there were any free delivery slots. Blow me down there were loads of them. Before breakfast must be the right time of day. I booked a few items as a placeholder and will return before Friday to complete the order. The slot is 8 – 10am Friday May 1st.

Not much going on in the greenhouse. Bit of spur removal. Bit of weeding in the raised beds. Catching them young. Thinned out the lettuces a bit more yesterday as well as an early harvest of coriander. Past experience has shown that this is by far the best thing to do and hopefully the leaves will keep coming.

Starting to build up some nice data on the temperature monitoring. The shed has a panel heater set at a certain temperature which I occasionally vary. You can see when we have had the doors wide open resulting in a fair drop in temperature. Also I switched it off on the evening of the 26th and it is interesting to see how the good insulation of the shed results in only a very slow and steady decline in temperature until I switched it on again the next morning.

The greenhouse however has wide ranging temperature fluctuations depending on how sunny it is and the position of the sun as it moves around during the day. After an early morning blast of sunshine the sun disappears behind a tree before lunch for a while and then reappears mid afternoon. You could see how a control loop from a heater in the greenhouse might serve to maintain a higher, even temperature if you were that way inclined. Not bothered about spending the money on the heating bill meself although if there was some stored solar power that could be used it could be interesting. 

None of this gardening lark is particularly cost effective. The cost of the compost used in growing the tomatoes far outweighs the cost benefits of growing them. But this isn’t about money.

more plums

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