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the hottest of days

Early on, after breakfast and after baking a couple of sourdough loaves, as you do, I gave the greenhouse a soaking. Also retargeted the pesky whiteflies on my chilli plants. 

The theory is I want to keep the temperature down in the greenhouse on hot days. Plenty of water and the right amount of heat/sun. The tomatoes are really coming along. We are I think, in for a bumper crop this year. Ditto the apples, garlic, onions, parsnips and carrots. Oh and strawberries etc etc etc. And chillies. You know the form.

There is something decadent about spraying water everywhere in this heat. The garden is very green. We have to remember that only a few days ago we were seeing torrential rain. It’s what makes this place green and pleasant. 

When I was a kid hot days such as this were an ordeal. We aren’t used to heat in the UK. We would languish around the house trying to survive. There may have been a paddling pool although potentially not. Our clothing was not suited to hot climates. Even if shorts were available the t shirts would have been heavy duty and sandals a rarity. Few had ice. If you had ice it was a small tray of frozen stuff in the freezer. The norm was to add one or two cubes to a drink. People didn’t keep drinks in the fridge, I don’t think.

That was life in post war Britain. When I say post war I mean the 1970s. The UK had still not really emerged culturally from WW2. Emancipation had not arrived. It is different today. I grow tomatoes and I wear custom made silk and cotton shirts. The two go together – love and marriage. Horse and carriage. Tomatoes and silk shirts. Innit. In the 1970s watching tomatoes grow on the internet wasn’t even conceivable. Tomatoes yes. Internet? Uhuh.

My chilies are doing well white flies aside. I have fired dilute washing up liquid at them. We shall see.

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