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Halcyon days of summer

It’s been a while since I wrote. I suspect that work reared its ugly head leaving less time to talk tomatoes. Tomatoes are now however very much ready to be a talking point. They have started to ripen and whilst not yet a glut have provided me with a few sweet mouthfuls. The intensity of flavour especially from the smaller ones has made the whole growing effort worthwhile. Ditto the carrots. I picked a couple for use in a stir fry and they were the most carrot tasting carrots I’ve ever had. They were still a little on the small side so am leaving the rest to grow more. Same for the garlic of which I lifted three but really they too can wait. The garlic I will revisit before we head to Cardiff at the end of July.

Summer mornings in the shed are very pleasant. For the uninitiated the shed is next to the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. It has double doors opening onto a deck at the front and to the side there is a full length window looking out onto the greenhouse and through which I can see the  tomatoes, ripening as I write.

This morning I went out and picked some tomatoes for breakfast. I am confident that more will have ripened by the end of the day. They are now clearly visible on the live stream although once ripe they don’t stay visible for long 🙂 

Enjoying these halcyon days of summer.

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