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The first jalapeno appeared today

The first jalapeno appeared today. Up until now I wasn’t sure which plant was jalapeno and which was pepper, other than the fact that the peppers were appearing on some plants. It’s quite amazing how much growth you see in such a small space of time. Quite possibly I just hadn’t noticed the jalapeno fruit.

I am in two minds about jalapenos. The taste doesn’t do it for me and often they aren’t hot enough. However they were the only seeds on offer at the time of planting. Can’t remember which shop I got them from.

The growing season has been great so far. This year’s crops are looking bountiful and we will have a wonderful record of the year in the greenhouse. There is still 3 months or so of bounty followed by decline before we clear out the spent plants. 3 more months of diligent webcam snapshotting for the timelapse. 

The timelapse is something I can keep going all year round although whether I will have the motivation for it over winter when nothing will be happening remains to be seen.

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