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Peaceful morning in the shed

It is peaceful sat in the shed this morning. Only the sound of rain and the occasional car passing by the front of the house. Traffic noise is a lot more noticeable when it is wet. On the way here this morning I spotted two ripe apricots. That’s our entire crop this year so we shall savour them. I say “we”. That assumes Anne won’t scoff em both. It is her tree fair play.

Yesterday I picked all the ripe tomatoes for use in my fattoush salad which proved a real success. This morning another batch is ready. One ripe tomato has two neatly drilled holes in the skin. Side by side. Some bastard insect. Ah well as long as it isn’t going to attack the whole crop in which case I will have to take offensive action, whatever that may be.

The business world is quietening down as it always does at this time of year. I tend to take most of August off although I do have a few active bits of business on the go that require tending to. Anne’s Vans is almost sold out for the season. Really only some time in September left. 

Now finding time to write for tref’s greenhouse a bit more. This would be a good time to go and sit in the greenhouse to write other than the fact that I’d have to go into the house to get my laptop. Also there is less and less space to sit in there as I’ve been moving plants apart as they grow bigger to give them more light. This will show up on the timelapse when it gets finished off at the end of the season.

The crops are looking good. It will have been a good growing season. A few weeks ago when we visited Stourton Woods the farmer there, Antony Strawson, mentioned that the rains had come a little later than desirable for the arable crops. The grass was really benefiting though. Can’t have it both ways I guess. 

Earlier in the season I watered the garden most days. Haven’t needed to do that for a while now and it is looking very green. The apples are highly visible on the trees and my onions and garlic are ready to lift. A job for tomorrow when the weather improves.

Next year our vegetable plot is expanding. A new path has been laid to demarcate the lawn and veg plot and we have plans for more beans, caucus, leeks etc. never going to be self sufficient and we wouldn’t have the time to manage a plot that would be big enough for that. Also I imagine you’d have to cope with a glut of vegetables becoming ready to eat at the same time.

I’ve put a fleece on this morning. It isn’t a warm summer rain. It’s a hmm close the shed doors and stay warm summer rain. Reassuring to some extent because this is the same British weather I’ve known for the 58 and half years on the planet.

The start of the day’s play in the cricket at Old Trafford is delayed as you might imagine. The BBC TMS team is used to having to create content on rainy days and I am half listening. Cricket is one of those sports where most of the time you can tune in and out to suit.

More as it happens…

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