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Early one summer’s morn

5.30am 12th August 2020

Up early. Had enough kip and now sat on the deck enjoying the morning. There is birdsong but it doesn’t seem to be in the same league as earlier in the summer. This morning it is mostly wood pigeons. Pesky wood pigeons. Not the spring chorus of small birds. I hear one chirp somewhere in the evergreen oak above me but can’t see what’s making the noise.

It is very noticeable that the dawn is creeping forward. It wasn’t so long ago that I might wake up at 4.30am and it would be light. Not any more. The summer is hitting it’s peak and there are signs that it won’t be long before it is all over. Apples ripening on the trees, plums ready to pick.

In fact last night I went around to Coops’ and picked 6kg of plums ready to make chutney. Our plum chutney is a huge step up from the shop bought stuff. If the only chutney you have ever tasted is Branston Pickle then you don’t know what you are missing It uses Delia’s spicy plum chutney recipe. I estimate that we have enough plums to fill 27 450g jars. We will need to check if we have enough jars. We should be ok.

By sitting quietly on the deck you do notice things. A blackbird is ferreting around right next to me, picking up leaves in its search for insects and worms. It occurs to me that the birds born this season don’t know what’s going to hit them come winter time. This is an idyllic time of year for them. Winter comes to us all.

Next door has a large sycamore in their garden. It’s just made me wonder where the roots go? You only have to dig down a foot in our garden to hit limestone. V difficult to dig down any further. The roots must spread out laterally. It’s a big tree with a lot of leaves to keep supplied with water.

The greenhouse is at its most bountiful time. Many tomatoes have been picked with many still to come and the peppers and jalapenos are really coming along. I will pick some for consumption this week. Not totes sure when is the right time to pick but no harm in experimenting on a few.

It is very still.

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