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Pepper harvest

Nice to get home after a long and rainy drive yesterday. We have the car for it. Unloaded and then out to meet Terry and Nige in the Citadel later joined by the kids. Left the unpacking till Saturday.

Now it is Saturday, chucked the laundry on the pile on the utility room floor. Put away the choice Anglesey Sea Salt based products in the cupboard. We now have enough salt to last years.

Later will pick tomatoes. Have had complaints about the size of the fruit. They are cherry tomatoes planted because of their intense flavour and not for their utility in cooking. Ah well. Next year I’ll stick some San Marzano plum toms down as well.

The apples are also ready for picking and the onions will need stringing up. Left them on the potting shelf before we went away.

I hear activity elsewhere in the house.

Today, I sense, is one for getting things sorted but without urgency.

Later, picked a bowl of tomatoes and basil and also of peppers and jalapenos. Harvested the coriander seeds.

Tonight’s tea is pasta with fresh tomato, pepper and basil sauce 🙂

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