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The shed door is open

The door of the shed is slightly ajar and Charlie Parker is bashing out Summertime on the stereo. I like the use of the word stereo there. It fits my simple vision of the shed. Folk have suggested that using “shed” is a bit misleading. I don’t agree (obvs).

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word shed (a noun) as:

  1. a small building, usually made of wood, used for storing things:
    1. a tool/storage shed
    2. a garden/bicycle shed
  2. a large, simple building used for a particular purpose

My shed meets all of these definitions and more, apart from the bicycle bit. I don’t own a bicycle although there is room for one in here. Don’t want to add too much clutter too quickly. I need a comfortable leather armchair, ideally two tone or at least dark brown and a comfy two seater sofa to replace the futon that is in front to the desk but which is knackered really and was only ever intended to be a temporary installation. I like the G Plan vintage 65 sofas but can’t find a second hand one in the right colour at the right price. These things don’t come on the market often I guess.

One other observation about my first sentence in this post is that Autumn Leaves might be a more appropriate song to be playing than Summertime. We are on the cusp. That in between time where the fading gurgles of summer are being gently replaced by the melancholy undertones of Autumn.

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