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Onion pickling continues

A calm Saturday morning. I am at peace. A cup of tea gradually empties. Last night I popped out to meet Rob Vashak in the Star for early doors. The traffic was back to the normal rush hour queuing down Wragby Road. Folk escaping their office confinement for the freedom of the weekend.

Today a jobs list beckons. I am optimistic of progress although not totally confident. My calmness needs to mutate into boredom before a start can be made. We have lane swimming booked at 3pm anyway which seems to put a natural time limit on any arduous activity.

In the meantime I have made my first Facebook Marketplace purchayse. An Italian leather armchair for the shed. It just about fitted in the back of the defender and we just about managed to get it out of the car and around into the shed. The shed has been waiting for this moment, tapping it’s metaphoric fingers with an impatience normally only seen by a bloke waiting for his wife to get ready to go to the pub.

Yesterday I made 10 jars of pickled onions from 3kg of raw onions. I have 2kg left to do. I acquired a dozen 500ml jars for the purpose so that some of them could be used as Christmas presents. The onions are too large really for this sized jar and would be better off in bigger ones of which we do have some so the remainder of the batch will go in those.

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