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The growing season

Very noticeable at this time of year is all the growth in the garden. I doubt most people give it any thought beyond the need to keep mowing the lawn. If you are a gardener you will be more interested but largely because you will be looking for a nice colourful border or a good crop of fruit and veg in the Autumn. 

This good harvest is unlikely to be an existential event. If your onion crop is poor you will pop to the supermarket to top it up. Ditto spuds, carrots and apples etc.

We don’t think about the significance of spring to mankind as a whole. Without this renewal of growth, change in the season, we would not be. This is fairly fundamental. It is something that would have been in the mind of every human as recently as 300 years ago. Perhaps less. A poor or non-existent harvest would have been a disaster and very much life threatening. Think about the Irish potato famine.

This is stuff that entered my mind as I was making the tea this morning.

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