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9th June 2021

Sat at the controls in the shed with the doors wide open. I am early today and I can hear the thronging sound of kids funneling into school. Cars seem louder as if competing with the noise of the children. Maybe it’s just because the doors are open.

It is peak summer. The nights are at their shortest, the birds their happiest. Life in our back garden is relatively benign. We see no sign of predation, other than against worms and insects. Blackbirds and robins flit in and out of the long beech hedge that separates us from next door. We haven’t seen much of the magpies that arrived earlier in the spring. Thought they might disrupt the harmony but if that is their bag they are doing it elsewhere.

I pulled out the parsnip tree. It was smothering the onions. The parsnips, left over from last year, proved to be inedible.I did like the idea of letting them grow to seed but eventually the onions took priority. I think I might have just discovered that parsnips don’t flower in their first year?

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