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Video for BBC Gardener’s World

I created this video for BBC Gardener’s World to show off the tech used. Hope Monty and the crew use it 🙂 It’s also on the Facebook page together with a load of other stuff.

I’d quite like to do more vids especially for Gardener’s World but let’s wait and see if this one gets any traction first. They do take some time to film and edit. The discerning amongst you will notice I’ve had a change of tops from one clip to another. This is because filming took place over more than one day:) It matters not 🙂

You will be happy to know that the site seems to have totally recovered from the Raspberry Pi incident yesterday. Hopefully we won’t see anything else happen like that for the forseeable future.

temperature sensors back to normal working

If they do use this one btw I will almost certainly make another video for BBC Gardener’s World. We can but dream 🙂

Ciao fellow greenhouse geeks.